It all started when…

In 2012 by lead guitarist Nicklas Johnson and frontman Jackie Bowers. With their broad range of musical selections ranging from blues, rap, rock and everything in between they soon began to gather a buzz in their hometown of Marquette, MI

After earning the reputation of a hard working cover band with a great song repertoire, The DayDreamers composed a unique blend of Rock & Roll and Pop to call their own. 

Pulling from Tom Petty, The Beatles, Ed Sheehan & even Eminem, they released their first music video on March 12th, 2015 titled F.P.S!

Following their release of F.P.S The DayDreamers continued to play shows throughout Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin areas, playing over 600 shows! Including concert series, weddings, festivals and even a recital hall! 

As the band grows in popularity with reaching over 750 Facebook followers, new and exciting musicians were added to the lineup! 

They were joined by Bryn Jungwirth whom had great success as the drummer for the Jaw Kings and Ignorant Mob. 

Bryn adds years of touring experience to the band and a reggae and soul groove that you can chew on! 

With this new lineup you can expect big things from the DayDreamers within the next years! So keep your ears open for this big band from the small town of Marquette, MI.

  • Vocals, Guitar / Nicklas Johnson
  • Vocals, Guitar / Jackie Bowers
  • Drums / Bryn Jungwirth
  • Bass / Daze Zeigner
  • Keyboards / Gary Parkkonen